To offer top sportsmen and women a successful possibility to use their optimum performance, an individual approach is needed. Standard training methods often fail because of the individual needs of every single person.

First, we have to analyze our client’s individual personality pattern and assimilate it with certain social and cultural aspects to ensure an increase in performance. For this, we work with one of the most effective tools, Structogram Training. It has been used very efficiently worldwide in 15 languages for more than 30 years.

We realized long ago that physical problems often derive from psychological reasons. In many cases, this knowledge can only marginally help sportsmen and women. They are aware of the problem but do not have a very wide range of possible solutions in hand.

Individual approach instead of standard methods of training

The physical maximum resilience of players, trainers and members of the management is a very important key skill for successful work in the area of top sports. 

Being under stress often influences the physical performance. In order to be able to give maximum performance continuously, physical and psychological balance is of the utmost importance.

Unlike many other methods of training in the areas of motivation, stress management, mental and concentration training, we do not only work with a psychoanalytic approach, but also take into account biochemical and genetic scientific facts. Results from neuroscience offer precise information about our individual personality pattern.

Using Biostructure Analysis to define personality

Thus, individuality is an important part of personality, is in values, which can be verified objectively on the basis of natural-scientific facts.

We determine the personality and characteristics of the sportsmen and women with the help of Biostructure Analysis.

Distinct results about neurotransmitter distribution (chemical messengers like serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine and melatonin, etc) influence individual plans of training and control. Therefore, we work with our clients in the following areas:

  • ARM© (Athletic Relationship Management)
  • increase of physical and mental performance
  • effective stress management
  • individual advice in the area of top sports

Leadership Training

Successful leadership can only be ensured by a constant and permanent improvement process. With a constantly growing number of competitors in various kinds of sport, social competence will be the measurement of success where competitors are on the same level regarding their professional skills.

Within the ESBA-Leadership-Training you will be trained in seminars especially for these fields. We train leading enterprises and sportsmen, thus we are well acquainted with the characteristics of economy and sports.

Success is not defined by an individual experience, it is merely a package of individual expectations embedded in one´s own environment. People´s expectations can only be realized when using the ability to assess and/or judge the persons we are in contact with.

To be able to do that we need to know ourselves, our strengths and boundaries, as well as our appearance to others. Structogram offers you the key to self-knowledge. This means having a concrete knowledge of one´s own biological structure plus its chances and risks, an effective articulateness and personal-individual linguistic devices. The insight into the individual biological structure enables a conscious choice of ideal role models, working with realistic aims, the building of strategies promising success as well as the application of suitable leadership methods.

In a time where markets are intensified, social competence will be the measurement of success where competitors are on the same level regarding their professional skills.

  • Leadership 1 – Beginner
    Orientation and loyalty for Sportspeople / customer bonding and orientation on the basis of a Biostructure Analysis
  • Leadership 2 – Advanced
    Market position and CRM/ARM (Customer/Athletic Relationship Management) in Sports Management