STRUCTOGRAM® as a visualized result of Biostructure Analysis offers the key to self-knowledge which means…

…a specific knowledge of the basic structure of one´s own personality (biological structure), speaking of strengths, weaknesses and boundaries, effective ways of articulation and individual stylistic means. 

Instead of giving general advice on behavior, the individuality of a person is given prominence. Consequently, individual potential can be exhausted to its limits. We teach people how to further develop themselves in accordance to nature.

Having insight into their own individual biological structure  enables people to make a well informed choice of role models, to work up to realistic aims and to construct strategies for dealing with tough situations.


Mit TRIOGRAM® als Aufbauseminar die Biostruktur anderer erkennen lernen

In professional life solid expertise is held in high esteem. It can be gained through vocational trainings and is confirmed by diplomas and certificates.
Common sense, on the other hand, is expected from everyone without instructions.

But daily experience shows: even the most competent workers make mistakes in dealing with people. Mistakes they should not have made in their specialized fields. Such mistakes could be avoided knowing the biological structure of other peoples. This is where TRIOGRAM, a STRUCTOGRAM based seminar, serves our client´s interests.

In our opining success in leadership has three reasons and subsequently three preconditions:

1. Coherence of personality and leading method
Precondition is self-knowledge. Only people who know their strengths, weaknesses and limits, are able to choose suitable leading methods and techniques.

2. Paying attention to the characteristics of employees
Precondition is having the ability to judge someone´s character. Optimizing social competence is an automatic consequence of self-knowledge combined with having the ability to judge character.

3. Specific insight in projects
Precondition is the knowledge of projects, which correlate the demands of the tasks with the individual biological structure of the employee.


With the help of STRUCTOGRAM® training system/genetic code of your personality

  • you know more about yourself
  • you can use your strengths more effectively
  • you get to know other people better and gain their trust
  • you build up preconditions to be successful permanently